We are Alex, Lubo and Daniel. In between of us, we have all together, more than 40 years of work experience. Different lives, different interests and different stories. Just one thing in common - The passion about what we do. And of course, the value of quality over quantity.
Alex (The Good): Born, raised and moulded in almost typical Parisian fashion. Accordion at 10 and a bit later piano plus very early start as DJ in his sister “Discothèque”. In his yearly 20, Alex gather years long solid experience in hospitality, so patience and attention to clients or opinions is really his thing. No matter what the question is, in 90% of the case he will get to the YES answer. Joined us in early 2009 and he is the one who was banging about Gregory Porter (and his “1960 What” tune), years before the Grammy Award…
Lubo (Le Sage): His story is longer than “Law and Order” seasons, but here we are only going to tell you what is essential to this matter. Moved to Paris early 2000 and in 2003 founded Pure Overground. Curious, pioneer, well grounded person. And “The Artistic Mastermind” behind most of the projects we work on. When he is not digging 12 inches, building up sound systems or playing the 12’s on them systems, you can find him catching up on office duty or sweating on some future ideas. 
Daniel (The Geek): Computers and sports were something he really got in, at his early age. And moving to Paris in the late 90’s to study computers and new technologies was pretty logical step. Daniel went a long road since these student years. So when he is not developing code for mobile apps or other geeky stuff, with us he is in charge of all that technology, web space and social media trickery. Unusual personality, always on point with not that obvious methods and techniques and original Pure Overground hero from day one. Watch this space and you may catch his signature in between the lines… 
 Instead of “Dress to impress”, we tend to keep it simple and authentic. Here is how we describe ourselves and what we do under the PURE OVERGROUND brand these days, in a few simple keywords; watch out for the Hashtags:

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#Reliable  #Creative  #Unconventional  #Available  #Loyal  #Professional  #Attentive  #Straightforward  #Reasonable  #Natural  #Talented  #Sincere  #Substantial  #Experienced  #Grateful  #Inspiring  #Well-mannered  #Krafted  #Educated  #Comforting  #Engaged  #Flexible  #Open minded  #Capable  #Understanding  #Responsable  #Smart  #Outspoken  #Dynamic #Passioned
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If you like us at first, then you’ll love us once you get to know us better!

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence, but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started” 
― Henry Ward Beecher